This is not a Christian film.

So why am I reviewing it?

Because it is the best film of the decade, at least!
I will not spoil it by giving the plot, but it is a Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Spiritual, Love Story. 
Yes, ALL of that and more.
The 3D effects are OUTSTANDING, and the glasses are not those chintsy red and blue lensed things of the years past, but nice plastic framed polaroid lenses that are large enough to fit OVER your glasses without any problem.  I wear large aviator-style glasses, and these did NOT touch them on the lenses at all.
There is an extra 3D charge for this movie - probably to cover the cost of the glasses - which at the Governor Square Mall in Clarksville, TN was $2.50.
Select a theater that is showing this movie in 3D, because the effects are so real that you will probably (as did many in the theater we were in) try to reach out and touch something floating near you.
And this one is COMPLETELY kid safe; there is nothing in this movie that would offend anyone at all.

Do not miss this film.
Avatar 3D

Written and directed by James Cameron

Sam Worthington
Zoe Saldana
Sigourney Weaver
Stephen Lang
Michelle Rodrigues

and many more -

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