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Chronicles of Narnia

A Walt Disney Picture
directed by Andrew Adamson

This is a truly delightful film.  It is based on C. S. Lewis's classic writing, the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe that has entertained generations of young people.  You won't find any blockbuster super-stars here, but you will find a cast that works together very well, and makes the whole fantasy believable.

Reviewers brought this one a 7.4 out of ten stars, and I would say that is a bit low actually.  This, folks, is NO Harry Potter!  The obvious symbology between the Lion and Jesus Christ is outstanding and thought provoking for young people, and us older folks find much here to enjoy as well.  There is drama, comedy, and suspense, but all on a level that young folks can handle without problems.

We bought this one, and have watched it several times.  Don't miss it!