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The Lord of the Rings

2001 (The Fellowship of the Ring)
2002 (The Twin Towers)
2003 (The Return of the King)

Elijah Wood (Frodo)
Ian McKellen (Gandalph)
Sean Astin (Sam Wise)
And a HOST of other unforgettable characters

Directed by Peter Jackson

The three sections were all filmed at the same time to ensure complete continuity, and were released just prior to Christmas on three successive years.  We took our grandkids to watch each one as it was released, and purchased the extended DVD versions of each as quickly as they went on sale.

This is a fantasy that is FAR above anything in this category.  It goes into great depth concerning the differences between good and evil, and shows very clearly how making right decisions improves the character of a person, and how making wrong decisions causes a degradation that becomes more and more obvious as the evil actions are continued.

There is magic here, there are wizards here, there are elves here, but none of that detracts from the message itself.  Unlike Harry Potter, no where is Magic shown as something desirable which should be sought after.  Rather, it is the GOOD that is to be desired, and the practitioners of magic are simply helps or deterrents along that path, not portrayed as an end within itself.

This outstanding story is one the entire family can enjoy.  Be SURE to see them in order, however, as it is one continuous story from the Fellowship of the Ring to the Return of the King, and seeing them out of order would be confusing to the younger viewers, and spoil the suspense for the older ones.

We have watched this trilogy repeatedly, and find it delightful each time.  With the single caution concerning the portrayal of Magic, I recommend this film to all.