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Joseph Fiennes (Luther)
Jonathan Firth (Girolamo Aleander)
Peter Ustinov (Frederick the Wise)

directed by Eric Till

most recently known for "72 hours".  This 76 year old director has been in films for five decades, and this movie shows his skill.

We purchased this film off the discount rack at Hollywood Video for $2.50 with few expectations due to the price.  We were very surprised and pleased to find it was an excellent film, extremely well done.

You do not have to be Lutheran to enjoy this film; it will give you an insight into the WHY of the entire Protestant movement.  It portrays a man of strong faith who is in torment over what is God's will for him.  He finds himself in the position of choosing between what he knows to be true from his study of the scriptures and what the church maintains is true due to proclamation.  He stands firmly behind the word of God, and does so in a truly meek manner that is a true representation of what a Christian should strive to be.
During his examination at Worms, he goes through a detailed explanation of his writings, and apologizes for any offense they may have caused.  He then refuses, in the face of death, to recant any of them.  Facing the court, he quietly says;
"Here I stand.  I can do no other."

God used Luther in a mighty way; he led the Christian reformation, and was one of the pioneers in the drive to make the Word of God available to the common people by translating it into LIVING languages.

Don't miss this one!