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Devotional 07/03/2017

by Terry Trainor on 07/03/17

Two Eskimo men visited Miami from the northern part of Alaska. They saw many marvelous things, things which they had no conception of, things which they had never been exposed to in their arctic homeland. On the bus to their hotel, they witnessed a speedboat go past, with a water skier in tow. The only boats they had ever seen were man powered kayaks and canoes, and the only skis they had ever seen were snow skis. At this marvelous site, one man asked the other, "What make boat go so fast?" 
His friend studied the scene, then replied, "Man on string push it."

All of us do the same thing these Native Americans did. We all bring our own set of judgment criteria to every situation we deal with. We filter the world through our own set of lenses, and what we think we experience is controlled in large part by what we EXPECT to experience. I think that is in large part the reason for so many different denominations of churches; we all have the same instruction book from God, the Holy Bible, but we each filter it through our own expectations, and we come up with many different fine nuances of meaning, which causes many different shades of belief. Then, we band together with people who have taken this or that passage in the same manner we have, and we form a new denomination around that interpretation.

And do you know what I think? God does not CARE about all those minor doctrinal differences! God is NOT going to save all Lutherins, nor reject all Methodists! He is NOT going to check the name over the door of the church you attend to see if you are upwardly mobile, or on the fast track to the nether regions. Jesus Christ is going to see if you are written in the Book Of Life, and that is the ONLY thing that will determine your eternal abode. And your name is written in that book the instant you accept Jesus Christ as your savior, and make Him the Lord of your life!

Jesus tells us in his own words in the Instruction Book, in the most famous verse of all, John 3:16 (KJV); “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

So – am I pulling you, or are you pushing me? It doesn’t matter, as long as we are going to the same place!

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