Written and directed by
David de Voss

This movie captured my interest based on the title.  Einstein's search for a unified field theory has always been an interest of mine, and I took a guess that is what this movie was dealing with, so bought it on the bargain rack of pre-viewed movies at Hollywood Video.

I was pleased to see that it DOES deal with this theory, and explains some facets of it very well on a lay level which will leave NO ONE wondering what it is all about.

But the movie goes far beyond the scientific aspects of the cutting edge of human knowledge concerning the nature of existence.  It deals with family relationships, love, caring, and ultimately with the basis of existence itself.

I encourage EVERYONE to see this film.  There is zero adult content, language, sexual reference or innuendo.  The most explicit scene shows a man and wife kissing, very tastefully.  But there is much here that is quite appealing, showing one mans search for the nature of existence, and the help he receives in his quest along the way.

The Theory of Everything
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