David T. Waynick was born in Dickson County Tennessee on January twenty first in 1854.  His father was David P. Waynick, an emmigrant from Berlin Germany, and his mother was M. C. Dickson, who was born in Virginia, and was a cousin of General Robert E. Lee.  David T. Waynick joined Bethany Church at the age of thirteen.  He enrolled in Tracy College in Charlotte, Tennessee at the age of seventeen, and attended there from 1871 to 1874.  He was licenced to preach by the Charlotte Presbytery in March of 1874 at the age of twenty.  He then went on to study Theology at the Cumberland University, where he graduated in June of 1877.  He then become the pastor of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church at Troy, which only had thirteen active members at the time.  It was his untiring efforts that resulted in the church increase to 142 members, and the erection of the new church there in 1881.  In 1884, he married Ella E. Bright, who was born in Troy on November 6th of 1860.  They had one child, a daughter named Maggie Estella.
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