Order Of Worship
If you are seeking a Church where you can pick up a program at the door and read what will be sung and who will sing it, what will be said and who will say it, what will be prayed and who will pray it - - just keep looking, because Bethany is not that Church!

We open service with prayer.  We may have an opening Hymn.  Any pertinent announcements are made.  If any decisions regarding the operation of the church need to be handled, they are discussed and voted on.  A time is now opened for anyone to bring forth any topic that involves the Church or the Christian faith in general. 
This concept is known as an 'open church', where everyone has the opportunity to take part in the service.

Following this, in no particular order:  Someone may perform a special song.  Prayer requests will be taken.  The Pastor will have a pulpit prayer for these requests.  Hymns may be sung.  A teaching from the Bible will be given.  The service is always closed with prayer.

Notice what was NOT there?  An offering.  We do not believe time we have set aside for worship should be taken up with such things.  You will find a box in the entry-way between the outside and inside doors that is there for your tithes and offerings.  This also allows you to receive the special blessing that comes from giving in secret.