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Bethany School
Class photo aprox 1908
Ester Adkins teacher. Many in group unidentified.

back row: (left to right)
Ether Adkins, teacher, Paul Brown, Lucy Brown, Roy Hassell, Sadie Steed, Benny Torian, Minnie Wyatt, Murray Hassell, unidentified, Clarence Allen, Matty Wyatt, Otis Patey, Betty Patey, unidentified, Herman Kern, Clayton Smith,

Middle Row: (left to right)
Jim (John) Patey, Etha Torian, Matty Patey, teacher, Eva Torian, Victor Hassell, Edgar Hassell, Virginia Rice, rest of row unidentified.

Front row: (left to right)
first three unidentified, Glen Hinson with tie, Paul Hinson, Eunice Steed, Horace Steed, several Kerns in front row unidentified.

This picture furnished by Mrs Sadie Steed Warden. At the time the picture was made she was 13 years of age in the eighth grade. She is standing directly in front of tree in background.

Information taken from this Rootsweb page.