Documentary by
Ben Stein

This Documentary was released in theaters April 18th, 2008.  The immediate result was that many scientific organizations that are dedicated to a war with God released statements trashing the film.  The NCSE, AAAS and many others have made many completely baseless charges against this film, including the accusation that it pits 'Christianity against Science'. 
After seeing the film, I doubt the people making such attacks even saw it; they heard it was complimentary to Intelligent Design (ID), and simply started the attack.
Ben Stein is not a Christian.
This movie is NOT a Christian film.
So what is it?
This film exposes the rampant discrimination currently being practiced in the educational system and in virtually all of the major scientific institutions against any one who dares to hold a different religious belief ragarding origins, or even dares to QUESTION Common Descent.  This film does not even speak against Evolution; after all, every creationist KNOWS that living things change over time, and that is really all evolution actually deals with.  The idea that you and I are related to a germ, a pine tree, and a filbert nut is the result of belief in Common Descent, not belief in Evolution.
Stein goes into case after case where a scientist has been denied tenure, or fired outright, based upon nothing but the fact that they dare to question Common Descent through natural means.  In no case did such action have any thing to do with their work, their performance, or the results of their research; they were fired for questioning that all life on earth descended from an original single celled organism through natural means. 
Stein also does a wonderful job with the symbolism of the images throughout the film, comparing the current attempt at thought control to the building of the Berlin Wall.
He also does a very good job of showing that the Holocaust was based upon a belief in Eugenics, and Eugenics (Social Darwinism) is a direct and logical application of Darwin's ideas.

Do NOT miss this film!  The release of it could prove to be a watershed event in the battle for the minds of our children and for control of the scientific establishment in this country and around the world from this point forward.  Will the schools continue to brainwash students into the currently held belief in Naturalism with no possibility of questioning it?  Will scientists be allowed to work in their fields if they disagree with the religious convictions of their superiors?  This film may help decide that.

No Intelligence Allowed!
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