Movie Reviews
Many churches claim that various forms of entertainment are basically evil, and should be avoided by Christians.  I have heard claims that a Christian should not see movies or watch television.  These prohibitions are based upon the fact that there are some movies and television shows that are simply not suitable as decent entertainment.  
My response to this is simple:  There are some books that are evil.  Some are satanic, some pornographic, some promoting illegal and/or immoral activity.  If ones solution to this is to avoid ALL books, then one is not able to read the Word of God, for it is recorded in books as well.
As Christians, we are to avoid evil.  That does not mean that we cannot watch ANY movie or ANY television show or read ANY book, but simply that we must be selective in what we take in.
The reviews shown here are by no means a complete list of "approved" films; this is simply a few films which I have chosen to comment on.

Terry Trainor

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