Screenplay and directed by
Ryan Murphy

We purchased this movie from the pre-viewed movie rack at Hollywood Video because it was purported to be a comedy.  We have purchased around 300 movies from them, because we enjoy watching them more than once.  They also will buy a movie back, based upon what you paid for it.  This one cost $5.00, but is only worth $1.00 in buy back.
After watching it, we decided $1.00 is more than it was worth, and sold it back to them. This film holds the singular distinction of being the worst movie we have EVER purchased, and is very close to the worst movie I have ever watched, and I am a movie buff.  It is not that I am a prude, because there are some films I can forgive a bit of bad language if it is accurately reflecting a situation and if the story itself is superior.  This film was filled with foul language from beginning to end, included lots of explicit sexual material including deviant sexual situations.

We were tempted to shut it off in the first few minutes, but I forced myself to watch the entire piece of trash from beginning to end just in case there might be something redeeming in it later.
There was not.

Avoid this one at ALL costs, and make certain your children do not view it either.
Running With Scissors
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