What is Bethany?
Are you one of those snake handling cults?


Universalist Unitarian?
Not even close!

A tax write off for the pastor?
Every April 15th, I sort of WISH this were true, but since I started pastoring this church in 1985, I have never found a way to decrease my taxes through it.
Then exactly who ARE you?
We are primarily a neighborhood church; we have no affiliation with any denomination, no ties to any parent body, government, or organization.  We receive funding from no outside agency, nor do we send funding to any such agency except for our independant mission outreaches, which currently consist of Bethesda Mission in Erin, an outreach at Christmas to the jail in Erin, The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, and the Wings of Eagles project in Israel.
Our backgrounds are varied - we have had former Baptists, Church of Christ, Catholic, Assembly of God, Holliness, Methodist, Presbyterian, Cumberland Presbyterian, and several that claim no denominational ties.
Basically, we are a group of people that love the Lord, and desire to gather to worship him in a group whose only concern is what is on our hearts, not what clothes we wear or what we drive to church.